Exterity Idaptor TriplePlay PoE Business IPTV Receiver


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  • Supports PoE @48V or Power adapter @ 5V (available separately)
  • Designed for receiving SD IPTV.
  • Has a 3.5mm Jack socket for ‘magic eye’ remote transmission.

Known as the ‘idaptor TriplePlay’ receiver, the compact device will deliver and receive Internet, TV and telephony to any end point across a local area network. The idaptor can be connected to any end point and instantly turns it into a multi-media centre that enables access to the web, IPTV, radio, video on demand and IP telephony.

The Triple Play IPTV receiver from Exterity incorporates two spare RJ45 network ports for the connection of devices such as IP Telephone and laptop. Designed primarily for the hospitality market, it enables three services – voice, data and image – to be provided via one data network connection saving on the cost of cabling, data network ports and power points (with the Power Over Ethernet option).

In a business environment it enables a TV display to be set up anywhere there is a data network outlet, even if it is in use.

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